Description: High quality vegetable organic substrate was formed by the long-term disposal and humification of the bark and sawdust of the beech tree (90%) and the rest is mineralized part of the conifers.

It does not contain weed seed or pathogenic microorganisms.

The decomposition period is 5 years.



  • pH value:  7,3-7,8
  • Organic substances: 85-95%
  • Humidity: 50-55%
  • Total nitrogen: up to 2%, and easily accessible 1%
  • Total phosphorus (P₂O₅): 0,1-0,15%, and easily accessible 30-50 mg/100g
  • Total potassium (K₂O): 0,1-0,15%, and easily accessible 130-220 mg/100g
  • C/N: 15:1

As an excellent absorber of humidity saves it in soil, especially if it is sandy and porous.

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  • regular fertilization
  • complementary measure of calcification
  • mulching the land
  • planting fruit, vines and vegetables
  • greenhouse production
  • growing flowers
  • seedling production
  • for the preparation of specific substrates

This substrate can be used for direct potting and growing or could be blended with soil. It is ideal for blending with sandy or dry and poor soil. Substrate analysis was carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture of the Belgrade University and Institute of field and vegetable crops, Novi Sad. We also have the Lufa certificate (Lufa Nord West) from 2009.)



  • improves soil structure and increases its fertility
  • improves the water, air and heat regime of soil
  • enriches the soil with organic matter
  • increases the content of macro and micro elements
  • increases the biological activity of the soil
  • provides faster reception of the seedlings and proper fruit growth

It is possible to enrich the substrate by adding of NPK fertilizers or other additives according to the customer needs.

 PACKAGING: in bulk, big bag (1m³ or less)